The MD Primer is a logistics company created in 2002 for the purpose of enabling physician based data collection with the mission to promote research and evidence based clinical management of patients. The MD Primer has been created for physicians in order to improve their access to information related to optimal care of their patients and to facilitate their patient management through innovations in information technologies and infrastructure support.

The MD Primer has developed as a fully integrated data gathering and management based service organization, MD Primer supports a wide range of industry needs from phase II and III clinical trial development and coordination to the management of electronic medical records for everyday use. By being a multi-facetted organization with an intimate understanding of the needs of physicians and industry, costs are managed effectively and projects are completed within budget and always on time or ahead of schedule.

The MD Primer was created for physicians in order to improve their patient management through access to information specifically and uniquely related to the optimal care of their patients.

The MD Primer is now a full-service organization on the leading edge of medical data management, research and education.

The MD Primer provides platform and framework for :
• Data management and gathering as it pertains to physician practice and patient management
• Electronic medical records and IT and infrastructure support
• Research study protocol development, Regulatory submission and
• Site start up
• Site contract management and site payment logistics in accordance with Canadian and USA regulations
• Data management and query resolution
• Site and data monitoring